Connecting You to FV Hospital: World Class Healthcare in Vietnam

Vietnam: We are very excited to announce that Jebhealth is now in collaboration with FV Hospital, a JCI accredited hospital in South Vietnam to bring world class healthcare our local and regional communities.

Their JCI accreditation is a testimony of having a dedicated and top notch team who consistently delivers unequivocal patient safety and world class medical services and outcomes in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Our relentless pursuit to connect Asia’s medical and wellness network aims to reduce information asymmetry for patients and prospective medical tourists. This, we believe, provides an additional avenue for patients to access the European level standard of medical care at competitive pricing in Southeast Asia.

JCI Accreditation | Image Credit: FV Hospital, Vietnam
JCI Accreditation | Image Credit: FV Hospital, Vietnam

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About FV Hospital in Vietnam


FV Hospital was founded by Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon in 2003 with a group of French doctors who shared their vision of bringing world class healthcare with Vietnam. Located in the burgeoning District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City, FV has evolved into a full-service, one stop provider of quality care for the local population in and around Ho Chi Minh City.

As the first JCI accredited hospital in South Vietnam, FV Hospital is known for its international standard of care, commitment to clinical quality and patient centric service.

With over 950 service staff, including 130 Vietnamese and expatriate doctors, FV provides care across more than 30 medical specialties at its 220-bed hub hospital. It also operates an outpatient clinic at the heart of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City’s traditional business district. In addition to catering for the local Vietnamese population, FV also receives patients from the neighbouring countries of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

Image Credit: FV Hospital

FV Hospital is a private hospital, 100% foreign-owned by a Hong-Kong parent company, the ownership of which is composed of Medical Founders Holding, the company of the 10 Founders including Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon, CEO, and of Quadria Capital, Asia’s leading private healthcare investor.

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